To my wonderful loyal customers,

I cannot thank you enough for your business and support over the past two years. I’ve loved getting to know all of you and grooming your beloved furry family members. I am so excited to spend many more years working as a team to care for your dogs. As many of you are personally experiencing the emotional and financial obstacles that COVID is still presenting, I have made every effort to maintain my own pricing so as to not add additional burdens to you and your family. While we were blessed to be closed for only two months, and are grateful to be allowed to be open, many of our supplies and other expenses have doubled.

My heart broke over the past year seeing other groomers have to shut their business doors and go to work at corporate grooming salons. When I worked at corporate salons I was not allowed to put a dog’s emotional, physical, and mental well being first. The policies enforced doing more dogs vs giving them all the time, care, and attention they deserved. I refuse to become the groomer who rushes through 10 dogs a day, and treat each customer like a number. At Safe Haven, your pets get all the extras that they need to receive the best care possible, we never rush any pet for any reason.

In order for us to continue to best benefit our customers, their dogs, and be in business for years to come we have decided to restructure our business as of May 1st, 2021. This business restructuring includes minor changes to scheduling, and individual prices may be modified. All appointments after that date will be booked under the new pricing and scheduling structure. If you have an appointment after May 1st and are needing to know your pet’s new pricing, please feel free to text us at (334) 209-5651. Please allow 24-48 hours to respond during business hours.

As always, individual pricing is based on may factors including breed, coat condition, length between grooming appointments, and more. We encourage all pets to be on a maintenance schedule of 6 weeks or less, in order to benefit from more favorable scheduling and pricing. Advantages of a monthly schedule means your dog will be more relaxed at their grooming session, they will always look and smell clean, and as a bonus, you will need to brush them less (or not at all) in between appointments.

We are so excited to watch Safe Haven grow and welcome future employees to the Safe Haven family to help us give your dog the best experience possible. Nothing makes me happier than taking care of your dogs and we hope to continue to be able to for years to come. Each and every one of you are like my second family and I cherish being able to do what I love for a living. With that being said, we understand everyone must do what is best for their families, pets, and budgets. We would be so sad to see you go, but have compiled a list of alternative local groomers we can recommend if you are unable to continue your dog’s care at Safe Haven.

With love,
Hannah Shelton
Safe Haven

Pricing varies on breed, coat condition, and how often your dog is groomed. Please note de-matting, excessive hair growth, and shedding past 6 weeks from last groom may incur additional fees. Spa bath and de-shedding prices varies. If you need an individual price quote, please text us at (334)-209-5651. Give us 48 hours to respond. If you need to make any schedule changes for May, please contact us immediately.
Signature Styled Haircut
Small breeds- Starting at $85
Medium Breeds- Starting at $135
Large Breeds- Starting at $180
* Medium-Large poodles, doodles, golden retrievers start at $180.