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Personalized Luxury

for your pet

We are an all-inclusive professional luxury dog grooming salon located in Maiden, NC. The safety, comfort, and health of your dog is our top priority. Come see why we’re different!

Your Dog’s Happy Place

Safe Haven is an all-inclusive professional luxury grooming salon located in Maiden, NC. We use only the highest quality products available in the industry – no up-charges. We evaluate your dog’s needs and make sure they are getting a personalized, tailored treatment every time. Each dog is treated as an individual according to your needs and preferences while also keeping your dog’s expression, style, and breed in mind!

Safety is Our Top Priority

Safe- it is in our name for a reason! We are passionate about grooming and refuse to rush the process. The safety, comfort, and health of your dog is our top priority.

Nothing But The Best

Safe Haven is an all-inclusive salon and uses nothing but the best products in the industry including Chris Christensen, Hydra, IGroom, Hydrosurge, and Show Season. Whatever your dog needs, they get- no extra charge. We offer the ultimate spa experience for your pup including hot towel service dipped in calming dog-safe essential oils. This luxury spa treatment is included with every grooming service to not only comfort your dog, but provide joint relief and improve blood circulation as well!

Top Services

Signature Styled Haircut

Dogs with longer hair that require cutting or styling will be brushed and combed out, receive a styled haircut that fits their breed, needs, and your preference, and get their look finished off with our top-of-the-line styling products.

De-Shed Cleanse

Dogs with shorter hair or hair with an undercoat will be given a full de-shedding and undercoat removal treatment to keep their coat healthy, help control their shedding, and leave them feeling like a whole new dog.

Polished Spa Bath

Perfect for in-between full-service grooms to keep your pup looking and smelling fresh! Dogs who typically recieve a spa bath will get a dip in the tub for a wonderful deep clean and an amazing massage with the highest quality products.